4 Foods For Rapid Fat Melt And Weight Loss!


Controlling the weight is something you really need to do for various reasons. If some of you have recently embarked on such a journey – to find a way to alter your bad habits by replacing them with healthier alternatives in order to lose those extra pounds, keep reading.

Whether this is a temporary or permanent change in your life, these 4 foods will accelerate the process:


How they can help you:

It was discovered that eggs can make it easier to melt fat because they can satiate you so you will reduce your intake of additional and unnecessary calories during the day – claims the expert Brian Zehetner.

Some studies discovered that if you include two eggs in your breakfast the calorie intake as well as your appetite will be significantly reduced throughout the day. Moreover, eggs contain a protein that has an excellent selection of powerful amino acids which make them great for increasing the muscle mass. Fats contained in the egg yolk will slow down the digestion and offer you a number of healthy benefits.

What you need to do:

Eat at least two eggs a day, five days a week preferably for breakfast. Avoid consuming those fast carbohydrates like pastries, donuts because they trigger a insulin reaction that can increase the appetite, which the primary reason for storing excessive fat.


How it can help you:

Cinnamon manages the body fat in ways that improve sensitivity to insulin and it also burns excess fat – the two things you really need if you want to lose those extra pounds. Cinnamon will improve the use of insulin that goes into the muscle cells thereby building muscle mass. Also, numerous studies have shown that methylhydroxychalcone polymer speeds up the process of melting fat by burning the glucose in the fat cells – like killing fire with fire. That’s why cinnamon is an essential ingredient in most fat loss supplements.

What you need to do:

Add cinnamon in the oatmeal. Include it in all protein shakes or add it in coffee to improve the flavor and burn fat simultaneously.


How it can help you:

This favorite breakfast of many people will help you reduce fat and weight because it contains carbs that are slowly digested which can help you keep a normal insulin level during the day. A study conducted in the University of Loughborough in England in sportsmen consuming slow-digested carbs for breakfast and lunch, discovered that they had reduced insulin levels in comparison to those that consumed rapidly-digested carbs (simple-sugar foods, soft drinks and juices).

What you need to do:

Make oatmeal for breakfast. If you want better results, include cinnamon and consume it with a couple of eggs and a cup of black coffee – this is the most ideal breakfast for burning fat.

Green tea

How it can help you:

Green tea is widely-consumed worldwide, much more than the popular black tea. And whereas both of them contain caffeine that accelerates your metabolism, the main fat burning ingredient is catechin epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. This ingredient has the ability to inhibit the enzymes that decompose norepinephrine. This neurotransmitter is essential for the regulation of the metabolism. By preventing the breakdown of norepinephrine this tea accelerates the metabolism. EGCG and caffeine have mild effect, so combining them will offer you better results.

What you need to do:

Consume as much green tea as you want, but you can also consume green tea supplements – scientists discovered that this brings even better results. So for better results, consume 3 doses of 500 milligrams a day.

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